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Pelekas Village sits atop a hill on the west coast of Corfu Island. It has been visited by many travelers since the early sixties when north Europeans held wedding ceremonies on Pelekas Beach on the shores bellow. The mesmerizing setting sun and the panoramic views of Corfu Island and the Mediterranean Sea beyond compelled Kaiser Wilhelm of Austria to name the top of Pelekas hill the Kaizer’s Throne for its beauty as well as its strategic importance.

What is offered

Today it offers visitors many bars, cafes and restaurants with unique style and individual identity. Greek organic produce can be found on the menus with local homemade wine to match. Pelekas is also known for the quality of its music and dancing in the central square from traditional folklore to jazz is known to take place on a full moon summer’s night. In the past Pelekas was home to the internationally acclaimed Graffiti Festival and other innovative ideas by its young and creative inhabitants.


Here you can find small art and craft shops, have a Greek coffee at the historical Levant Hotel up by the Kaizer’s throne or simply explore the small narrow backstreets of this famous village. At least two minimarkets are open all day long for your daily necessities though we do recommend you buy the bulk of your shopping at a larger supermarket on the way to Corfu Town.